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10 Office Organizing Problems and How to Solve Them

Do you spend way too much time looking for things? How many times do you physically handle each important piece of paper? Do you feel a sense of dread each morning when you look at your desk? Tackle some common office problems with these useful ideas.

1. Deadbeat files (those which are no longer useful).
Purge files with help.

2. Projects stacked on top of one another on desktop.
Create a visible upright system that allows you to see each project individually. Buy a project divider.

3. Inefficient desktop workflow.
Set up distinct areas, i.e., “in box”, “out box”, “pending” and “reading box”.

4. No consistent filing system.
Set up an individualized system either alphabetical or based on pertinent categories. Place the most-used files closest to you, then the less-used files progressively further out.

5. Unable to locate a file, phone number or document when you need it.
First, thoroughly go through every drawer and file to sort contact information, current critical documents and historical reports. Update contact lists on your computer or make a special "contact" file folder for collected business cards, etc. Make an inventory list of where different types of documents reside for future quick reference.

6. Poorly placed furniture or fixtures.
Re-arrange desks, file cabinets and lighting according to how you really use the space. Get rid of or repurpose objects if necessary.

7. Poor lighting.
Situate lighting to illuminate specific work areas. Order more lamps if necessary.

8. Purse or personal items are crowded on the floor near your feet.
Designate a drawer or cupboard space for personal items. It's important that it feels safe to you, but is away from your workflow.

9. Too many copies of the same books or manuals.
Go through and purge regularly. Keep only one copy!

10. Poorly placed desktop equipment (computer, phone, printer).
Assess how you work, such as right-handed or left-handed or using one side of the desk and not the other, etc. Arrange equipment for comfort and most productive work.

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