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Project Management

Do you have a special project that demands stellar organizational leadership? You can trust the experienced Creating Space consultants to handle any detail-oriented project or event smoothly and efficiently.

Creating Space becomes your partner in the process, working toward your goals with specialized skills to:

  • Assess project goals and prioritize action steps.
  • Facilitate meetings, events, training sessions.
  • Identify and apply the most appropriate resources.
  • Manage logistics and all operational issues.
  • Provide communication between managers and staff to meet department goals and individual needs.
  • Delegate tasks as appropriate and provide accountability.
  • Handle any additional resources and networking roles.
  • Act as liaison with all parties, i.e., architects, builders, department heads, staff.
  • Conduct follow-up and evaluation.

We bring fresh ideas and solutions to make any challenging project a great success for everyone involved.




Call us at 919.475.2661and let us organize the details of your next special project today!

project management

From helping your architects understand the day-to-day needs of your employees to planning an office party, the Creating Space team knows how to put people and spaces together for the best results.

"The services of Creating Space were exceptional. Getting our workplace organized has certainly made my department far more efficient."

J. Ventrone

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