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Easy Solutions for Common Household Headaches

1. Too much clutter.
Assess rooms to work in and prioritize how to tackle each one. Weed out the excess and throw out, donate or recycle. Make sure discarded items all leave the house right away.

2. Overfull and poorly organized closets.
Get rid of all clothes that you have not worn in a few years or that do not fit.

3. Poorly organized rooms.
Re-arrange furniture so it is useful, unblocked and pleasing. Take out excess.

4. Cupboards in any room crammed with books, knickknacks, memorabilia.
Assess what you really like and want to hold on to. Put like items with like items and have long-term storage boxes.

5. Business and files.
Go through each item and set up a useful filing system.

6. Downsizing homes (moving)
Decide (with help) which items really matter most to you and sort everything -- including furniture -- accordingly.

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